A range of conveyor belts and other products for companies operating in the window industry.

PU and PVC belts

We adapt the type of belts we offer to individual customer needs. The window industry mainly uses PVC belts, which are perfect for transporting window components. In demanding applications, we use tapes that are more resistant to cuts and abrasion (PU).

Belts with PU Yellow, PUR and sylomer overlays

For the transport of delicate window components such as glass, we use belts with various types of soft padding to absorb shocks and prevent damage to the glass.

Polyurethane wheel reconditioning

We offer polyurethane reconditioning of wheels for trolleys, board feeds, etc. Polyurethane can be supplied in various firmnesses from 40 to 80 Shor.

Filtering nets for glue dispensing

We manufacture various types of net bushings used in glue dispensing equipment. These bushings filter any impurities and clumps from the glue.

Belts with cleats

Elevating conveyors sometimes require the use of belts with cleats. We offer PVC, PU inclined, straight, reinforced and of different heights. These prevent the transported material or products from slipping. In this way, transport efficiency can be maintained even at an incline of 70.