A range of conveyor belts and other products for companies operating in the meat and fish processing industry.

Antimicrobial belts (TPU-AM)

The Novak -AM range of belts tested in accordance with ISO 22196 have properties that inhibit microbial growth by more than 99%. This is a solution that minimises the problem of contaminants passing from the tape into the food product between surface disinfections. The antimicrobial properties last for the lifetime of the belts, as they are based on an innovative and highly stable water-insoluble formula.

Skinning machine belts

For skinning machines, we use 2-layer polyurethane belts with a tracking guide. These belts are used in skinning machines (type Maja®, Weber®) to remove the fat and skin layer.

Weighing machine belts (Bizerba®, Espera®)

Polyurethane and silicone single-layer sleeve belts are used to reduce weighing error. They are used in machines such as Bizerba® and Espera®.

Metre wedge belts

We offer wedge belts of various sections, wedge sizes (including 10×6, 13×8, 17×11, 22×14), as well as round belts (from fi 3 to fi 15 mm). The belts are easy to join and weld and are resistant to abrasion, tension, oils and fats and most chemicals. They absorb vibrations, are noiseless and easy to clean. They take up little space in storage (well stored – rolled up). These belts are often used for transporting crates, especially those with aramid cord.

Toothed belts with overlays (Handtmann®, Multivac®)

We offer polyurethane toothed belts for stuffers, hangers with overlays (e.g. Handtmann®). Our polyurethane toothed belts with various overlays (e.g. Linatex®) and suction holes are also suitable for packaging machines (e.g. Multivac®).

PU toothed belts with spikes

They are mainly used in the fish industry, for easier transport of the slippery product.