A range of conveyor belts and other products for companies operating in the bakery and confectionery industry.

C10FF- croissants, dough sheeters

Cotton belt from the CLINA® series, the top and bottom layers of which are made of cotton. The tape is food approved, has a low friction rate and is resistant to vegetable oils and animal fats. It is ideal for use in croissants and dough sheeters where it comes into contact with raw dough, which does not stick to its surface.

A21HF, A10G2F, NP09DF - bread cutters

We offer belts with various structures which are used to slide the bread in bread slicers. Their rough surface has excellent adhesion to the product being moved.

White felt, endless belt - dividers, rounders

Felt belts are mainly used for raw dough in machines such as dividers and rounders.

Endless belts are tear-proof and can run on very small rolls due to their lack of linking space. They are made of 100% wool.

Linen for loading machines

Linen are made on individual customer request, as each loading machine can have different dimensions. The main widths sold are 560 and 860 mm. The linen have hemmed sides to prevent tearing and shredding. They are fastened with metal eyelets in several rows, so that after the fabric has been stretched, the customer can tighten them and use them for a long time.

Metal mesh belts or teflon belts

Heat-resistant mesh belts: Teflon (up to 260 C, Kevlar up to 220 C) and metal (stainless steel) for use in ovens or doughnut baking machines. The belts can have different mesh sizes depending on the customer’s needs and preferences.

Trays for dividing machines

We manufacture plastic trays for dividing machines, which can successfully replace the original components in machines from manufacturers such as, for example, Fortuna® or Metructor®.