Pivexin recommends warranty and post-warranty service for all its products. We make sure that our customers can produce all the time or transport products without any problems.

We are well aware of how stressful it can be when a conveyor belt breaks down and needs to be replaced immediately. That’s when you react quickly, because time plays a decisive role. Your business loses revenue from minute to minute.

It is at this point that you are looking for a flexible company that will respond quickly to your needs and, without the unnecessary procedures found in well-known and large corporate companies, offer you a conveyor belt in the shortest possible time and, more importantly, it will be of the highest quality.

Do you wonder if there is a company on the Polish market that takes an empathetic approach to every customer, responds immediately and personalises the product to their needs every time? Is there a company that has several thousand satisfied customers in its portfolio, including many large firms? Pivexin is such a company.

We guarantee a rapid service response in the event of sudden failures, even beyond Pivexin’s control. Proof of our effectiveness is the marginal percentage of failures. On an annual basis, only 1% of failures occur in the use of Pivexin products, usually for reasons beyond our control.

ESBELT – world market leader in the manufacture of conveyor belts

We are wherever the production needs to be continued non-stop and offer: expert care, an individual and unconventional customer approach, fast service response and high-quality products based on conveyor belts manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer – Spanish company Esbelt.

We have more than 20 years of experience. We serve our customers comprehensively. We manufacture more than 100 different products for the food, automotive, agricultural and logistics industries, as well as the paper and timber industries.


PIVEXIN also deals with the reconditioning of castors, rollers and all kinds of other components. We have a machine park that enables us to manufacture parts from polyurethane, silicone and rubber. Polyurethane and rubber can come in different firmnesses. We carry out reconditioning according to the customer’s wishes and needs. The maximum length of castors and rolls is 2400 mm, and for diameters up to 150 mm it is up to 2800 mm.

It is well worth becoming our customer, as you will have peace of mind for many years to come.