A range of specialist conveyor belts and other products for companies operating in the sugar industry. We offer full service and installation of belts.

The belts are ATEX certified

Esbelt belts (Drago, Febor, Espot series) are suitable for use in hazardous areas and are flame-resistant and antistatic. They do not accumulate electrical charges, but discharge them into the conveyor structure. They comply with European standards (category 2 as defined in the Non-Electrical Components Directive 2014/34/EU) for the operation of conveyors in the transport of bulk and grain materials, as well as in silos.

Elevator belts

FEBOR 21 CC, FEBOR 31 CC, FEBOR 32 CC, FEBOR 41 CC, FEBOR 61CC, FEBOR 91 CC belts are also used in elevators. They have excellent tensile strength thanks to their shifters, which distribute the tension of the belt evenly.

Plastic buckets

The buckets of the NEUCAN and VERCAN series are made of synthetic materials (polyethylene, polyamide). They prevent the occurrence of sparks during transport. They are resistant to rust, chemicals and have less adhesion to the product than metal buckets, which reduces incrustation (product build-up on the bucket walls). We have a variety of bucket sizes available.