A range of conveyor belts for companies operating in the timber industry and sawmills.

Belts resistant to cuts, abrasion, heavy loads

PIVEXIN belts from the FEBOR and BREDA series, are used for transporting pellets, sawdust, bark, wood waste, as well as boards and planks. They have antistatic properties and are resistant to cuts and abrasion. The cross elastic belts can also be used for basin work.

Belts with reinforced cleats

For the transport of waste wood on lifting conveyors, we offer reinforced cleats that have a material divider. This prevents the cleats from breaking early under the influence of heavy product transport.

Rubber conveyor belts

For sawmills, we offer rubber belts for large balks or wood waste. They are more resistant to adverse weather conditions (rain, sun, frost) than PVC and PU belts. Our offer includes all types of rubber belts, smooth, with cleats, with a chevron structure, etc. On request, the belts can be vulcanised or closed with fasteners.