About us

We are wherever the production needs to be continued non-stop and offer: expert care, an individual and unconventional customer approach, fast service response and high-quality products based on conveyor belts manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer.

We manufacture and distribute high-quality conveyor belts for companies that expect a fast response to their needs.

We have 2,000 satisfied customers from over a dozen different industrial sectors. Confirmation of our skills, knowledge and the high quality level of our products is provided by references from the Spanish company Esbelt, ranked among the world’s leading conveyor belt manufacturers.

Although we produce at a high and world-class level, we are not a corporation. We take an individual approach to each customer by responding quickly to their needs.

We promise you continuity in your production processes thanks to the high quality of the products we manufacture and a quick service response in the event of sudden failures (even the ones beyond our control).

Do you wonder if there is a company on the Polish market that takes an empathetic approach to every customer, responds immediately and personalises the product to their needs every time? Is there a company that has several thousand satisfied customers in its portfolio, including many large firms? Pivexin is such a company.

It is well worth becoming our customer, as you will have peace of mind for many years to come.